Glamping in Chilean Patagonia

Enjoy the nature with all the conforts

Glamping in Chilean Patagonia

Enjoy the nature with all the conforts

Glamping in Chilean Patagonia

Enjoy the nature with all the conforts

Glamping in Chilean Patagonia

Enjoy the nature with all the conforts

Matapiojo Glamping

Enjoy the nature with all the conforts

Meet Matapiojo Glamping

We've spent years adapting Glamping to the rigour of the Chilean Patagonia, in the conviction  its a more harmonious way to interact with nature. Come explore this beautiful place, experience it with all your senses , you'll discover new experiences, and learn about yourself

Pez Patagonia Matapiojo
Pez Patagonia
Comida Patagonia
traslados matapiojo
What does the programme include?

Acommodattions: Wall Tent (Glamping). Equipped for the patagonian climate
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Drinks: With and without alcohol
Fishing guide service: 1 guide every 2 anglers
Cars 4wd A/C
Transfers: Chaiten Airport to Matapiojo Lodge + Fishing spots
Hot Tub
Laundry services

What else we can include?

Transfer  El Tepual Iarport (Puerto Montt) to La Paloma Airport (Puerto Montt) / Round Trip
Local flight Puerto Montt to Chaiten / Round Trip
Transfer El Tepual Airport (Puerto Montt) to hotel at Puerto Varas / Round Trip
Transfer hotel at Puerto Varas to El Tepual Airport (Puerto Montt) or La Paloma Airport (Puerto Montt) / Round Trip
1 night hotel at Puerto Varas
• Helicopter
Experiences: Rafting, trekking, canopy, horseback, rural tourism, birds watching, photography, kayaking and attractions.

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What to do in Matapiojo?

Pez Patagonia Matapiojo
Pez Patagonia
Comida Patagonia
traslados matapiojo

Hot tub

Come and enjoy, of  our hot tubs,  next to Futaleufú River, and a 600ft tall rock cliff, with condors flying up high.

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Hot Tub en Patagonia Chilena
Cabalgata Patagonia

Horse Riding

Horse riding is Patagonian heritage. its been part of its culture since the begging of colonization of these forgotten lands.

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 Futaleufú River is know  for its rapids. quickly becoming one of the world's  best destinations for rafting, come and learn what you are capable of.

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Rafting in Patagonia Matapiojo
Pesca Patagonia


We are, and will remain fishers for life, We invite you, discover our rivers and lakes, and about our savage trouts and salmons.

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Bird Watching

The Patagonia is rich in its bird variety. We invite you along our specialized guides, to watch and discover this  variety.

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Avistamiento de aves Patagonia
Trekking Patagonia


Infinite  trekking routes, millennial trees, flora and fauna, cultures, and  adventure  await you.

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How to get to Matapiojo Lodge

Option 1: Local Flight from Puerto Montt (PMC) to Chaiten (WCH) 35 minute flight aprox.A shuttle will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the Lodge  (1 hour 15 minute drive aprox-)

Option 2: Bimodal Route: (Drive + Ferry) With your own car, you can travel from Puerto Montt directly to the Lodge,  the  drive is 10 hours aprox,  and requiers  using 2 different ferries.

Option 3: Direct Ferry from Puerto Montt to Chaiten You can ferry directly using  your own car  (12 hours navigation) then drive to the Lodge (1 hour drive)

Option 4: Futaleufu  border crossing. Located near the Argentinian town of Esquel,  you can cross in your own car,  and drive to the lodge or ask for the  shuttle to pick you up at the crossing post. (1 hour drive to the lodge)

Patagonian Gastronomy

We care that your experience at Matapiojo Lodge is loaded with Patagonian heritage and culture. The local gastronomy has a fundamental role for us and our Chef will take care to show you.

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David Vigilante (USA)

First off the location and the tents were stunning. The initial night we were there Francisco had a lamb roasted over the open fire which was one of the best meals of the entire trip. Throughout our multi-day stay Francisco consistently went above and beyond to make sure we were treated like family and always had activities to keep us active.

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Tamara Reyes (Chile)

Excelente lugar, la gente es muy preocupada y amorosa. El sector donde se encuentra es precioso junto al río. Volveremos a ir de todas maneras!!

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Pamela Bazán (Chile)

La ubicación fue perfecta. Demasiado cómodo. La gente que nos atendió, fue sumamente acogedora y entretenida!!. Nos explicaron y contaron muchas cosas del lugar y de los alrededores. 100% recomendado, y volvemos si o si!

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Denise Lanuse (Argentina)

"Francisco un genio Muy personalizada la atención la pesca de locos"

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Marcelo Travieso (Argentina)

"Fuimos una semana a pescar con muchas expectativas. Matapiojo Lodge las superó a todas con creces y es realmente notorio su dedicación y detalles por atendernos bien."

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Frequent Questions

If you have doubts or concerns about your trip, do not hesitate to call or write us and we will clarify everything you need +56 9 8584 9168.

Payment options

Online payment Matapiojo Lodge official site You can pay with credit card (Visa and Mastercard) and debit card.
Electronic transfer to bank account NAME: Matapiojo spa RUT: 76.439.031-8 BANK: Banco Estado ACCOUNT: Current account or electronic checkbook ACCOUNT NUMBER: 81970129740 EMAIL:

Reservation policies

• Special reservation policies COVID-19: A deposit of 15% confirms your reservation (dates, rates and locations). Upon paying your deposit you have agreed to the terms of this reservation policy. Final payment is required 30 days prior to your departure date.

Cancellation policies

Special COVID-19 Cancellation Policies: In case of travel suspension with an anticipation equal to or greater than 30 days due to cancellation of flights, border closure or illness because of the pandemic your advence payment leave it subscribed to a future trip with no expiration period (adapting to the availability of the lodge)


All travelers must present a passport * People from the following countries have the option of entering with their National Identity Card: Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay


• In Patagonia the climate can change at any time, that is why you have to be prepared for any situation. They can be very hot or near zero temperatures with a lot of wind that reduces the thermal sensation. That is why we recommend that you always wear a good waterproof jacket, a good coat, a cap or hat, pants and a long-sleeved shirt with UV protection and quick drying, a bandana, warm stockings, underpants, sunscreen and insect repellent (January and February). Polarized sunglasses. 

Covid-19 Politics

• Contact us to know Covid-19 requirements and regulations to enter Chile: mail / whatsapp +56989293015

Proximity to medical centers

Matapiojo Lodge is located 40 km from the nearest medical center (Futaleufú Town). Car distance (40 minutes) and helicopter distance (10 minutes). At Matapiojo Lodge we have complete medical equipment if necessary

Other questions

Closest city with hospital? Futaleufú (40 minutes)
Distance from the airport? 1,5 hour, from Chaiten Airport, Chile / 1,5 hour, from Esquel Airport, Argentina
Distance from Santiago International Airport? 4 hours / Distance from Buenos Aires International Airport? 3,5 hours.
Is Matapiojo Lodge designed and prepared to receive non-fishing companions? YES

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